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iBegin and Firewalls

Keywords: 	  iBegin  Firewalls

Here's what I've discovered about firewalls (at least the way ours works) - more than I wanted to know! I'll describe what I found out for those who may run into this.
  1. The iBegin command must specify the firewall IP address or iHttpOpen won't work later. So, iBegin(1,"","") is the answer.

  2. The iOptionSet isn't necessary to set the usercode and password for the firewall. This is done on the iHostConnect command.

  3. iHostConnect specifies the usercode and password the firewall demands. You can include the domain if necessary in the usercode portion, such as "mafad\Administrator".

  4. If all works fine, you should be back a 200 result to the iHttpOpen command. If not and you get back a 403 - Forbidden or 407-NotAuthorized, you definitely have a firewall issue.

Thanks for all the help.

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File Created: 2017:07:28:12:58:46
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