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iFtpCmd APPE Causes iWriteData to Crash using IE 7

 Keywords: GPF Crash iFtpCmd STP APPE Append iWriteData File Wininet Internet Explorer IE 7 


I have a script that FTPs a file to our mainframe thats been working for a couple of years with no problem. However I ran across a user that has IE7 installed and the script seems to not like IE7. The script attempt to use iFtpCmd to APPE (append) a file, When I run the script it crashes on the iWriteData line. I am using WinBatch Version 2007C on a Windows Xp SP2 workstation. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing that same kind of problems ? Is there anything I can do other than removing IE7 ?


The install of IE7 probably installed a new version of wininet.dll, which the extender relies heavily on. I think we tracked down the problem. Looks like a bug in the Internet Explorer 7.
On a computer that has Windows Internet Explorer 7 installed, you may be unable to use an FTP application to upload a file to a remote server.

This problem occurs if the application is based on WinINet FTP functions.

This problem occurs because of an access violation that is caused by the InternetWriteFile WinINet API function.

When you use an application that is based on WinINet FTP functions to upload a file to a remote server, the remote file is created by using the APPE FTP command. However, when the operating system tries to use the InternetWriteFile function to write the file, this access violation occurs.

It will require a Windows Hotfix.

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