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iFtpDirMake Error 318

 Keywords:  iFtpDirMake Error 318 Directory Folder Exists 


I am getting the iFtpDirMake error 318: iFtpDir_ Operation Failed when a directory already exists on the FTP server. I am using WinInet Extender version 44082.


It looks like the 318 error was added in Wininet Extender version 44079 if the directory create fails for any reason, however this was not documented in the fixes file. We have since updated the fixes file to read:
Rev 44079  Dec 16, 2008 

iFtpDirMake will return the error 318: iFtpDir_ function failed if the function fails to create the directory for any reason.
In hindsight, adding this error may have been excessive. The developers have been notified of a request for change to the iFtpDirMake function. The function should return zero upon failure and the user can then call iGetLastError to obtain extender error information.
Article ID:   W17618
Filename:   iFtpDirMake Error 318.txt
File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:47
Last Updated: 2012:09:18:12:35:13