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iFtpFindInit Memory Leak

 Keywords:  iFtpFindInit bug


I have finally tracked down the source of an apparent memory leak in one of my compiled programs. The program checks an ftp site very frequently for new files-and downloads and removes them if it finds them there. The directory being searched is empty during most checks since they are done so frequently.

What is happening is that iFtpFindInit is returning 0-no handle-when the directory is empty. As a result, I am not closing the search handle at those times, and about 64k is lost as a result.

Am I supposed to be closing the handle even though the init failed, or is this a bug?


This was a problem where iFtpFindInit was not freeing some memory. This problem is fixed in WinInet Extender version 25059.
Article ID:   W15096
File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:47
Last Updated: 2002:09:05:13:49:32