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iFtpFindNext Problem with Date


I know that the following disclaimer for the iFtpFindNext is in the Wininet extender help file: Because the FTP protocol provides no standard means of enumerating, some of the common information about files, such as file creation date and time, is not always available or correct. When this happens, iftpFindNext will fill in unavailable information with a "best guess" based on available information. For example, creation and last access dates will often be the same as the file's modification date.

my question is: what is the extender using as a "best guesser" protocol?

The reason I ask is because we have little programs that that cycle through all "incoming" directories on our FTP servers and alert us if we have any files out there that are over 12 hours old. We're getting LOTS of weird date/timestamps returned by iFtpFindNext.

for example: 1) a file was received at 4/1/05 at 11:16am. 2) CuteFTP window reports: 4/1/05, 11:16am 3) DOS prompt FTP session reports: Apr 1 11:16 4) iFtpFindNext reports: 2002:09:11:18:00:00

Other times, the date is correct, but the timestamp is 8-10 hours off. We've had this problem for years, but it seems recently that the problem has become more of an issue (perhaps due to updates to FTP servers or something, I don't know). It just seems to me that if DOS always gets good returns, Winbatch should be able to handle it, too. Probably not that simple, though, huh?


I believe that the iFtpFindNext function merely gets time in UTC format from WININET and converts the file time to a local file time.

Make sure you are using the 'Last write time' when comparing the dates to those other FTP applications.

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