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iHostConnect error #65535

Keywords: 	  iHostConnect error #65535


I am writing a winbatch program to allow my remote partners to upload and download documents on a local FTP server, running Windows NT 4.0.

I was using the WinInet Extension, with updated "event driven" "BoxOpen". I connect, and manually enter any FTP transaction on the server from a remote computer. But, it looks like I couldn't log in using the iHostConnect in my script.

I tested the command with the iGetLastError after the iHostConnect line. It returned an error # 65535 that I couldn't find in any of the error lists, accompanying the Winbatch.

Can somebody, please, tell me what I am doing wrong?


Well. What value did iHostConnect return.

If it returns a non-zero value, then it worked, and the iGetLastError number is meaningless.

65535 is basically the same as -1, which in Wininet means success....

Try using the function iGetResponse() instead, which retrieves the last Win32 Internet function error description or server response.....

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