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iOptionSet Error

Keywords: 	 iOptionSet


I keep receiving a return code of ERROR when I attempt to set the username and password with the function iOptionSet, I can set the connect_timeout with success. My code (with debugger results)looks like this:
(18396) VALUE=> 13369348

rc = iOptionSet(tophandle, "username", "usid")
(18406) VALUE=> "ERROR"

if rc == @TRUE then rc = iOptionSet(tophandle, "password", "pswd")
(18406) ==>FALSE=> (skipped)

connecthandle = iHostConnect(tophandle,Host,ConnectType,"","")
(18416) VALUE=> 13369352
My process still completes successfully but I am curious as to why I cannot set the username and password.


I suspect you cannot assign a userid and passowrd to the tophandle. Move the code down and assign it to the connectionhandle.
Article ID:   W14343
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File Created: 2017:07:28:12:58:48
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