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TCP/IP port numbers

The WinBatch Internet Winsock extender will only make a TCP connection to a port. It will not make a UDP connection.

Here is a list of known pre-assigned ports for the TCP/IP network protocols that use TCP protocol. Note that this is not an complete list, just the ones we know about.

Note: If perchance I was going to use the sListen and sAccept functions in the Internet Winsock DLL, and needed a port to listen on, I would choose a port betwixt 900 and 999, using the theory that no one would really want to connect to my conputer on those ports anyway.

Note also that Windows itself uses various ports for its own network communications, but I think these are all well below the 900 range.

In general ports between 1000 and 65535 are used as a pool the the Windows winsock dll automagically pulls from when it needs a port for something or other.

Different types of Port Numbers for Sockets
7	echo		    tcp	   udp
9	discard		    tcp	   udp
11	systat		    tcp
13	daytime		    tcp	   udp
15	netstat		    tcp
17	qotd		    tcp	   udp
19	chargen		    tcp	   udp
20	ftp-data	    tcp
21	ftp		    tcp
23	telnet		    tcp
25	smtp		    tcp
37	time		    tcp	   udp
39	rlp			   udp
42	name		    tcp	   udp
43	whois		    tcp
53	domain		    tcp	   udp
57	mtp		    tcp
67	bootp			   udp
69	tftp			   udp
77	rje		    tcp
79	finger		    tcp
80	http		    tcp
87	link		    tcp
95	supdup		    tcp
101	hostnames	    tcp
102	iso-tsap	    tcp
103	dictionary	    tcp
104	x400-snd	    tcp
105	csnet-ns	    tcp
109	pop		    tcp
110	pop3		    tcp
111	portmap		    tcp	   udp
113	auth		    tcp
115	sftp		    tcp
117	path		    tcp
119	nntp		    tcp
123	ntp			   udp
137	nbname			   udp
138	nbdatagram		   udp
139	nbsession	    tcp
144	NeWS		    tcp
153	sgmp			   udp
158	tcprepo		    tcp
161	snmp			   udp
162	snmp-trap		   udp
170	print-srv	    tcp
175	vmnet		    tcp
315	load			   udp
400	vmnet0		    tcp
443	https		    tcp
500	sytek			   udp
512	exec		    tcp
512	biff			   udp
513	login		    tcp
513	who			   udp
514	shell		    tcp
514	syslog			   udp
515	printer		    tcp
517	talk			   udp
518	ntalk			   udp
520	efs		    tcp
520	route			   udp
525	timed			   udp
526	tempo		    tcp
530	courier		    tcp
531	conference	    tcp
531	rvd-control		   udp
532	netnews		    tcp
533	netwall			   udp
540	uucp		    tcp
543	klogin		    tcp
544	kshell		    tcp
550	new-rwho		   udp
556	remotefs	    tcp
560	rmonitor		   udp
561	monitor			   udp
600	garcon		    tcp
601	maitrd		    tcp
602	busboy		    tcp
700	acctmaster		   udp
701	acctslave		   udp
702	acct			   udp
703	acctlogin		   udp
704	acctprinter		   udp
705	acctinfo		   udp
706	acctslave2		   udp
707	acctdisk		   udp
750	kerberos	    tcp	   udp
751	kerberos_master	    tcp	   udp
752	passwd_server		   udp
753	userreg_server		   udp
754	krb_prop	    tcp
888	erlogin		    tcp

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