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Zip Extender NEWS FLASH

Keywords: 	  zipper news flash

Zipper version 10001 	Feb 01, 1999

	Fixed the problem whereby the "C" option in the zUnZipFiles function was reversing
	the order in which the case-sensitivity should apply.  Use of the "C" option now forces 
	file matches to be case insensitive.  The default behavior is to be case sensitive.

Feb 03, 1999

	Fixed problem with "l" (list archive files) feature in zUnZipFiles.  It now works.

Feb 05, 1999

	Added errorcode detection to zUnZipFiles/zZipFiles.  Now, if a zip/unzip is successful, it 
	will return a "0" rather than a null string (""); otherwise it will return error codes 
	followed by a tab and the error string.  Errors are listed in the latest help file.

Feb 09, 1999

	Fixed the problem in zUnZipFiles whereby the included and excluded delimited list of 
	files was not working.  Now delimited file lists are working (both in include and exclude).

Feb 10, 1999

	Added errorcode detection to zZipFiles.  Now, if a zip is successful, it will return
	a "0" rather than a null string (""); otherwise it will return error codes followed by a 
	tab and the error string.  Warnings are also returned as a "0". 
	Errors are listed in the latest help file.

Feb 19, 1999

	Fixed problem with errors in the string table not being processed.

Zipper version 10002 	Feb 25, 1999

	Undocumented "D" (ignore directories) in zZipFiles help, since this is the default behavior anyway.

	Added another parameter (excludefiles) to zZipFiles so that files can now be excluded from an archive.

Zipper version 10003  March 30, 1999

	Added F option to zZipFiles.  Multi-part archives are not yet supported, except in 
	conjunction with zZipFiles. (All parts must be concatenated together in order, and 
	then zZipFiles with the F option must be performed on the concatenated archive in order 
	to "fix" it.)

	Added support to set compression level efficiency (0...9).  

	Options from 0 to 9:

	6	This is the default compression
	0	No compression
	1	Fastest compression (less compression)
	9	Slowest compression (optimal compression, ignores the suffix list)

	Fixed compression options 0-9 so that compression works correctly.

Zipper version 10004  Apr 29, 1999

	Added "t" option, "Test Archive Files", to zUnZipFiles.  See help file
        for more details.

	Added error handling for the case in which include files are specified.  
        Additional error handling repaired for both zip and unzip functions.

Zipper version 10005  May 17, 1999

	Changed zUnZipFiles to compare last three chars of the wildcard 
        "*.*" and translate to "*" if found (Unix-like file matching).  
        Result: zUnZipFiles now unzips files without file extensions, 
        even if the user inputs "*.*".  (The zZipFiles always worked to
        zip up all files, even those without file extensions, so that
        function has not been modified for this particular issue.)

Zipper version 10006  Sept 10, 1999

        Fixes the problem whereby specifying *.zip for a series of zip 
        files in a directory returned the error message, "Cannot find 
        any matches for wildcard specification", and wasn't unzipping 
        all of the zip files.

Ver 10007  Dec 13, 2000

      The Zipper extender has been updated to a new 
      format to allow more descriptive function names and 
      additional parameters.  This version of the extender 
      requires	WinBatch 2001A or newer to run.  This 
      extender will not work on WinBatch 2000C or older.
      In addition, so as not to affect existing scripts using 
      a previous version of this extender, the extender DLL 
      has been renamed to include a 34I in the DLL name 
      instead of a 32I.  Old and new versions of this 
      extender can *usually* co-exist side by side.
      To use the new extender with old scripts and with 
      WinBatch 2001A or newer you will need to change the 
      AddExtender line in the script to reflect the new DLL 
      name.   e.g.
      should become

Ver 10008  Nov 28, 2001
      zZipFiles/zUnZipFiles are no longer restricted to 64K of
      response text. The allocation procedures have been changed 
      so that these functions allocate memory on an incremental basis 
      as needed.

Ver 10009 Apr 23, 2002
      Fixed zZipFiles memory allocation bug.  zZipFiles was GPFing
      when zipping up large numbers of files because a buffer size
      variable had not been initialized.

Version 10010 April 29, 2003
      Fixed zZipFiles so that files with brackets in their file names
      can be zipped up.

Version  44011 March 17, 2010
      Added new optional parameter to both the zZipFile and zUnzipFile functions.  
      The new parameter accepts a password used as an encryption key for 
      encrypting and decrypting a Zip archive. When this parameter is present 
      the functions will automatically attempt to either encrypt or decrypt the 
      archive. If a password is used when building an Archive with zZipFiles, the 
      same password must be used to extract files from the archive with zUnzipfiles.  
      The password must be at least 1 character and no more than 80 characters. A 
      longer password will produce somewhat better encryption results although any 
      length password produces relatively weak encryption.

      The zZipFile function's repair archive option(F) now requires that an output 
      file name be specified as the third parameter to the function. Any successfully 
      repaired files will be placed in the file named as the third parameter.  The 
      original input archive will not be changed.

      The extender now supports the archiving of files of up to 2GB in size and 
      archives greater than 10GB in size.  These size limits may vary depending on 
      you version of Windows and the file system.

      To use the new extender with old scripts and with WinBatch 2004B or newer you 
      will need to change the AddExtender line in the script to reflect the new DLL 
      name.   e.g.

      should become

      The this version of the extender can only be used Windows 2000 and newer.

Version 44012 September 7, 2011
      Add new 'r' options to the zZipFiles.  Like the 'R' option this option cause the 
      function to traverse the directory  structure recursively starting at the current 
      directory but unlike the 'R' option it traverses subdirectories when a wild-card 
      patterns that describes only a subset of the files in the directory structure are 
      used in the include file parameter. 
	   Ported to 64-bit. 

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