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3068 Error with zZipFiles

Keywords: 	   3068 Error zZipFiles


I downloaded your latest zipper extender and my zip scripts aren't working...
	AddExtender("C:\Program Files\WinBatch\System\WWZIP34I.DLL")
	a=zVersionInfo(0) ; this displays 10002
	message("Version", a)

	; now zip up the weeks survey text extracts...
	zZipFiles("m", "c:\data\word\surveys\", "c:\data\word\surveys\*.doc")
on this last line I get 3068 error, illegal delimiter found. I tried dirchange and then not using the paths, single quotes instead of doubles, but nothing seems to work. I double checked the DLL to make sure there weren't mult versions hanging around, it's dated 2-25-99 and the DAT is 11-25-98.


The zZipFiles function has changed. Look it up in the help file. Requires one more parameter.
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