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zZipFiles and Internal logic error (write error on zip file)

Keywords:  Internal logic error (write error on zip file)  diskspace disk space


I am using zZipFiles function to create a zip file. Now I am getting return value 10 which means "Zip encountered an error while using a temp file." according to help file. The message I got is "adding: ADOBEPS5.NTF zip error: Internal logic error (write error on zip file)"?

What does this error message mean (value 10)? How does this function work? What does "using a temp file" mean? When we add a file to zipfile by using this function, do we create a temp file?



Hmmm Good question. v

The ZIP process will sometimes create a temp file. Apparently it is having problems.

Does the hard drive that has your TEMP directory have room?


Yes, you are right. It is the disk space problem.
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