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How the Update Option Works

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First off, nice extender! However, I have some questions about usage. It appears as if you have implemented the fine InfoZip code, and also inherited some of its "limited features". I'm trying to convert some WB code that calls pkzip and zips some files/dir structure to the server. It uses the pkzip update feature to only copy changed/modified files (zips are somewhat large and users complain about the wait for a full zip). The new extender and the u option seem to work fine except - that if file1.txt is zipped and then later removed from the directory structure, the u option does not remove it from the zip file. InfoZip does the same thing.


Yes, our Zip extender is modelled after InfoZip's methodology.

Pkzip works the same way as infozip does on an update, as does the Zip extender. So if a directory contains files f1.txt, f2.txt, and f3.txt, and were zipped to a file name And then if you deleted f1.txt from the directory and ran the Zip extender with the update option, f1.txt will NOT be removed from the zip file. That's not how any of these zip utilities work, ourselves included.

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