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Memory problem zipping large number of files

Keywords: 	 3210: Cmd Extender: Out of memory to save result


I'm writing a utility using the WWZIP34I.DLL extender. Everything works fine until I start trying to zip a directory containing a large number of files (say >400), or restore a zip file with this many files.

The backup code is:

ZipResult_STR = zZipFiles("R", BackupFileTemp_STR, "*.*", Exclusions_STR)
ZipFlag_STR = StrSub(ZipResult_STR, 1, 1)

The restore code is:

UnZipResult_STR = zUnZipFiles("o d", BackupFileHome_STR, "*.*", "", RestoreDIR_STR)
UnZipFlag_STR = StrSub(UnZipResult_STR, 1, 1)

I've also tried:

zUnZipFiles("o d", BackupFileHome_STR, "*.*", "", RestoreDIR_STR)
on its own.


UnZipFlag_STR = StrSub( (zUnZipFiles("o d", BackupFileHome_STR, "*.*", "", RestoreDIR_STR)) ,1, 1)
This is what I get:
	3210: Cmd Extender: Out of memory to save result
	ZipResult_STR = zZipFiles("R", BackupFileTemp_STR, "*.*", Exclusions_STR)
	WinBatch 32 98B
	WIL Version: 2.5bbq
The third example above seems to show it is not a problem with Winbatch variables (?) but the extender itself. Do I need to do something to manage the memory?

(BTW - its running on a P400/128mb/plenty HDD space)


Download the most recently version of Winbatch and try again. In WB99A, changed memory allocation for strings to be dynamic. So you should be able to zip up as many files as you have memory for.
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