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Zipper and Password Encryption

Keywords: 	  Password Encryption WinZip Zip Zipper wzzip.exe wzzip


Using the zipper extender, does anyone know if it's possible to use password protected zip-files?


Great news. Starting version 44011 of the Zipper Extender (Mar 17, 2010) we added password protection support!

However if you are running an older version of WinBatch and licensed with WinZip. You can install a commandline Add-on for WinZip. See:

Once you have the commandline tool installed, try running the code below to zip a list of files using password protection.

NOTE: Please modify the variables variables as needed:

; Zip file with password into
winzipcmdln = 'c:\program files\winzip\wzzip.exe' ; MODIFY AS NEEDED
password = 'zombie' ; MODIFY AS NEEDED
zipname =  'c:\dcf_highlands_1\' ; MODIFY AS NEEDED
sourcedir = 'D:\dcf_worker_1\*.xls' ; MODIFY AS NEEDED
RunWait('cmd.exe', '/c ':'"':winzipcmdln:'" -ex -s ':password:'"':zipname:'" "':sourcedir:'"') ; Zip file with password into

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