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Display Progress Bar While Zipping

Keywords: 	   zip progress bar


Is it possible to display some sort of progress bar while unzipping?


I suppose its possible using a combination of the Zipper extender and the aStatusBar function in the Shell Operation Extender....

numfiles = 79 
astatusbar(0,"Processing","this is the text",numfiles,0)

for xx = 1 to numfiles
	;In the following code, we first test for the existence of the archive
	;since it needs to preexist if we want to use the "g" (grow) option.  If
	;you're not using the "g" option, the archive will be created on the fly.
	;R=Recurse subdirectories option; g=allow appending to existing zip file

	xzipper=zZipFiles("g R", "", onfile, "")
	astatusbar(1,xx,"processing file number %xx% of numfiles",numfiles,xx)

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