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Recursive Zipping of Files

Keywords: 	 Recursive Zipping


I have tried the following line of code, and I get the "nothing to do message".

I do not have any .htm files in "c:\data", but there are many in subdirectories under that.

  zipResult = zZipFiles("R", "E:\Projects\wbt\cersbu\", "c:\data\*.htm")
Can you help me out?


The recursive option isn't capable of grabbing all the *.htm files in subdirs under the c:\data directory, so what I would recommend is to use the Zipper extender in combination with our Searcher extender. You can recurse through a directory structure with the Searcher extender, and if you find files with the file mask matching what you want, then you can get the directory and do the zZipFiles on them.

The Searcher extender is very easy to use, and is available from the download area of our website.

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