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Update and Freshen Options Overwrite All Files

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When executing the following command xzipper=zUnZipFiles("u",, "", "", "c:\temp\ziptest"), it is not updating the older files in the directory with the newer files in the zip. It only returns, FILE EXISTS, SKIPPING.... When I try using uo parameters, it overwrites all the files...

According to the help file, this extracts only those files that already exist on disk and that are newer than the disk copies.

What I'm looking for is the -N option from pkunzip where it only extracts files that are newer or don't exist.. >P> What I'm trying to do is write a script that updates ALOT of DLL's, I want the zip to skip files that are the same to save time and only worry about newer or files that don't exist...

any ideas


I verified your results and talked to the developers on this one.

This appears to be a documentation error in both the "update" and "freshen" options:

Update does extract files from the archive that don't exist on disk, while Freshen only extracts files that exist on disk... this part works correctly (and is documented right).

However, both options ("u" and "f") overwrite all the files in the target directory, EVEN IF THEY'RE READ-ONLY. So beware of the "o" (overwrite) option (as doc'd).

From what I understand, we're disinclined to make any changes to the Zipper source code to make the options perform as originally advertised (at least for now); we will change the docs to reflect what the options really do do.

Thanks for letting us know, and pls accept my apologies, condolences ...

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