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Zipper and UNC Paths

Keywords: 	 UNC universal naming convention


I am using the most recent version of the zip extender version 10004. But is does not want to zip UNC path names. The same function call will work with hard coded path names. When I uses the unzip function it work perfect. Below is the code that I tested with.
	;The FileExist works

	;The zZipFiles returns a 12 "Nothing to do!"
	xrtn=zZipFiles("j ", "\\testshaz\test\pclan\users\dlee\", "\\testshaz\test\pclan\users\dlee\test.txt", "")

	;The hard coded path works fine
	xrtn=zZipFiles("j ", "h:\pclan\users\dlee\", "h:\pclan\users\dlee\test.txt", "") 


Do a DirChange to the UNC drive first, and then do the zip operations on a relative directory basis:
	xrtn=zZipFiles("j ", "", "test.txt", "")

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