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Zipper vs WinZip with Command Line Addons

Keywords: 	 zipper vs winzip


I am currently user winzip with the command line addon and I have recently aquired winbatch (without the compiler)

I have had success with the command line add on (beta).

Is there any comprehensive documentation of the zip/unzip code that is invoked via the zip extender

Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of using winbatch with the zip extender vs creating batch files invoking the winzip command line add on?

Is the zip extender executing winzip code? pkzip code? or some other proprietary (free) code?

I noticed that there are 9 levels of compression in the zip extender vs about 3 levels in winzip add-on - any comments will be appreciated.


  1. The WinZip command line stuff has been there for ages, as far as I know. It is just that the WinZip Commandline DOCS can be hard to find.

  2. See the Zipper.chm file for documentation. Should have been installed in your Winbatch subdirectory.

  3. Zipper is using Info-zip code.

  4. Re: compression in WinZip: When computers uses to be real slow and it could take hours to zip large files it made a difference. Nowdays I ignore the options and just stick with the defaults.

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