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zUnZipFiles and Wildcards

Keywords:   zUnZipFiles and Wildcards


When I try to use wildcards when unziping, it does not seem, to work.

If I choose the filename ==> *names*.nsf, it does not recognize the file for a restore.

If I use *, it works fine.

Zzip can use wildcards, such as *names*.nsf, but not the restore.

Will this be available in the future?


Eeep. Wildcards cannot get that sort of stuff out.

Maybe unzip *.nsf, find the file you want and delete the rest.

Or use the "l" list option in zUnZipFiles, and parse through the list.

Article ID:   W15103
File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:56
Last Updated: 2002:09:05:13:49:38