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zUnZipFile Slower Than Previous Version

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Hi, we were using WWZIP34I version v10010 for over 10 years, but when WWZIP44I version 44012 came out and upgraded, we found that it was much slower. Why is it now so slow? Does anyone else experience the same issue? We have files about 400MB and mostly images. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


The zip extender uses a third party archiving library and we have no control over how that library implements it's algorithms. After receiving numerous requests for large file and archive support and for password protected encryption, we switched from the now 14 year old version of the library used by the 10010 version of the extender to the (at the time) latest version of the library for the current version of the extender. The newer library is actually faster creating single file archives but apparently, as a side-effect of large file and archive support, it is much slower creating multiple file archives.

So the upshot is that you can't have your cake and eat it too. If you don't need large file support and speed is an issue for you then you have made the right choice by sticking with the old extender.

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