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zUnZip Problem with non Ascii Characters


I know! Never use German-Umlauts in a filename but not all Germans know this ;-) try to unzip files with German-Umlauts but the extracted files have the wrong names

Unzipped with "Winzip" or "PKZip" the extracted filename is correct

; a simple Test
UnZipError = zUnZipFiles("o d", "", "*", "", ".\") ; in is only the file "GermanUmlaut_äöüÄÖÜß_Test.txt"
a = FileItemize("*.*")
Message("Filenames:", a)
- The extracted Files is:
- And NOT


Seems like some kind of ASCII/ANSII font conversion issue. I made a file that displaed in Windows Explorer as... GermanUmlaut__Test.txt then I use zZipFiles to zip it. Then I renamed the file above and then unzipped the test file. The name appeared properly in Windows Explorer.

Next, using the build in Windows XP zip file viewer I looked inside the zip file. The name inside the zip file appeared altered.

It looks like the other programs may be converting the file name to ASCII when storing them in the zip file, then converting the file names to ANSI when unzipping them, whileas the WIL Zip extender does not do any filename conversions.


As for the following issue: Zipped Files using "zZipFiles" and "Filesnames with Chars > 127" must be unzipped with "zUnZipFiles".

Not sure this applies, but it does look interesting:

zZipFile supports the option 'k'. Apparently that causes winbatch to attempt to convert the names and paths to conform to MS-DOS, store only the MS-DOS attribute (just the user write attribute from Unix), and mark the entry as made under MS-DOS (even though it was not), for compatibility with PKUNZIP under MS-DOS which cannot handle certain names such as those with two dots.

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