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zZipFile Error 18


i have a very simple script that goes out to a network drive, and zips a file to a local drive. i started getting return code 18 (file cannot be opened for reading) this morning. however, i can use winzip to zip the very same file and it works great. To test, i have manually mapped the drive. here is the code
xzipper=zZipFiles('', 'f:\rawlogs\loudngwps01\', 'k:\2007-03-21.txt', "")
no wwwbatch.ini file created here is the output of the debug trace

*** Debug Initialized ***

Thu 3/22/2007 10:39:47 AM
WinBatch 32 2006E
WIL DLL 5.12eel
E:\Event Log Scripts\ziptest.exe
Windows platform: NT, version: 5.2, build: 3790 (Service Pack 1)
ErrorMode: @CANCEL

----- Extender loaded: E:\Event Log Scripts\WWWNT34i.DLL (file version: 39020,0,0,1)

(0) VALUE INT => 1

----- Extender loaded: E:\Event Log Scripts\WWZIP34I.DLL (file version: 10010,0,0,0)

(0) VALUE INT => 1

xzipper=zZipFiles('', 'f:\rawlogs\loudngwps01\', 'z:\2007-03-21.txt', "")
(15) VALUE STRING => "18 adding: 2007-03-21.txt zip warning 2 zip warning 1: could not open for reading: 2007-03-21.txt zip warning 1: zip file empty "

--- Normal termination ---

;;;END OF JOB;;;


What size is the failing file?

User Reply:

all files are approx 2GBthe last file that works is 2,028,818 KB, all the files that don't work are slightly larger 2,097,166 KB. do you think we crossed some kind of threshold here?


Zipper Extender Version 44011 and newer now supports the archiving of files of up to 2GB in size and archives greater than 10GB in size. These size limits may vary depending on you version of Windows and the file system.

Older Zipper Extender Version 10010:

The Zipper Extender Version 10010 (April 29, 2003) and older is limited to 2 GB. The problem is that the ZIP file format simply doesn't support more than that file size.
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