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Version 2007C

New function:

    Returns undecoded command-line parameters.

    This is like WebCmdData, but returns the command line without HTML decoding.

    If "flags" is 1, then escape codes (with '\') are removed from the string;
    if "flags" is 0 then they are left as is.

Version 2006C

New function:

    Returns the directory of the current WebBatch script.

    If the current WebBatch script is a child program that was called with
    the Call() function, this function will return the directory of the
    main (calling) script.

Note that the following WIL functions are disabled in WebBatch, in addition
to the ones previously documented:


Version 2005D

Note that the following WIL functions are disabled in WebBatch, in addition
to the ones previously documented:


Version 2004E

Now supports form values using "Get" method.

Version 2004B

Forward slashes in the .WEB file pathname are now converted to backslashes.

Version 2003H

Some optional configuration settings may now be placed in the [WebBatch]
section of an INI file named WEBBATCH.INI, which must be located in the same
directory as the WebBatch program.  The following settings are available:


    This will disable use of the "dumperrorlog" special parameter.


    This will disable use of the "dumpinputdata" special parameter.

In addition, the "ErrorLog" and "TempDrive" registry settings may now be
placed in this file.  The INI file will be checked before the registry.

The undocumented "MaxVars" and "StringSpace" registry settings have been

Version 2003D

New function:


    Like WebOutFile, but "handle" specifies a binary buffer to be dumped to output.

When writing an error message to the output page, now converts '<' and '>'
to "<" and ">", respectively.

Version 2002J

  Fixed problem with WebParamBuf, WebParamData, and WebParamFile with
  multipart form data if the boundary string was longer than 49 characters.

Version 2002E

Now handles script file name followed by a '?'.

WebCmdData maximum string length increased from 255 to 4096 characters.

Command line parameter string is no longer passed as a parameter to the script file.

Version 2002B Note that the following WIL functions are disabled in WebBatch, in addition to the ones previously documented: AskDirectory AskTextBox BinaryClipGet BinaryClipPut ClipGetEx MouseCoords MousePlay SendMenusToEx
Version 2001C

Fixed a problem with licensing the program not working.

Version 2001A

If WebBatch is already licensed, you can no longer use the "licensedata"
parameter to change the license information.

Thursday, January 28, 1999 08:49 PM
*** WebBatch 99C posted *** 

WebBatch 99C now available.

Fixed high-ansi characters in form name problem.

WebBatch 97C is out.

Monday, July 28, 1997  13:00

WebBatch now works with NT 4.0 and MS IIS.

Fixes the problem where WebBatch was hanging
with the MS IIS web server on NT 4.0.

WebBatch 97B is out. 

Monday, June 23, 1997 07:45 PM 

WebBatch 97B has been released,	 with new features including mostly WIL functions. 
ODBC Support also added. Some performance issues were addressed.

Here's the list of Fixes and Improvements:

Changed Standard CGI to accept anonymous pipes in addition to a file handle for STD_IN.
This allows WebBatch to be used with the Microsoft Information Server.

Added a timeout feature to WebBatch.  This will automatically cancel the script
and return an error when the time out occurs.  It is intended to cancel undebugged
scripts caught in an infinite loop.  The default timeout is one minute.  If your
script does not return a page within one minute, then the user has probably moved
on anyway.  You can raise or lower the timeout as needed.  We would recommend
(in general) not raising the timeout unless the user understands it may take awhile.

Note: Many servers also have a CGI timeout.  The script may also be cancelled by the
server.  Servers seem to cancel scripts after 20-30 minutes.


  Specifies how long a WIL script can run before timing out,
  in seconds.  Default is 60.  Maximum is 4,294,967.

  Specify 0 for no timeout.
  Specify -1 to return the current timeout value without changing it.

  Returns previous timeout value.


New special command:


    Deletes the error log file


New log file type for WebOpenLog:

  @MSFORMAT  --  Microsoft Internet Information Server


Batch files must now have an extension of ".WEB"


In WebOpenLog, the @NCSAFORMAT log file type is not currently supported.


Fixed problem with WebCounter using Microsoft Internet Information Server


In WebLogLine, several parameters have been added.  Here is an updated
table.  The parameters which are available for each type of log file
format are indicated with an asterisk.

  Param       Bit   Value                                  Common   Msoft
  ------      ---   -----                                  ------   -----
  param1        1   Client address                            *       *
  param2        2   Client username (RFC931)                  *       *
  param3        4   Authenticated username                    *
  param4        8   Date (in YY:MM:DD format)                 *       *
  param5       16   Time (in HH:MM:SS format)                 *       *
  param6       32   Action (ie, GET or POST)                  *       *
  param7       64   File name                                 *       *
  param8      128   Protocol (eg, HTTP/1.0)                   *
  param9      256   Service status code                       *       *
  paramA      512   Bytes sent (ie, file size)                *       *
  paramB     1024   Day of month                              *       *
  paramC     2048   GMT offset                                *
  paramD     4096   Service name                                      *
  paramE     8192   Computer name                                     *
  paramF    16384   Server address                                    *
  paramG    32768   Processing time                                   *
  paramH    65536   Bytes received                                    *
  paramI   131072   Windows NT status code                            *
  paramJ   262144   Parameters for operation                          *


New functions:


    Like WebConData, but output goes to the specified binary buffer and is
    not truncated at 4096 characters.

    Returns @TRUE or @FALSE.


    Returns the size of the CON file, in bytes.

  WebParamBuf(s:param-name, i:binary-buffer)

    Like WebParamData, but output goes to the specified binary buffer and is
    not truncated at 4096 characters.

    Returns @TRUE or @FALSE.


    Returns the size of the specified parameter, in bytes.


If there are multiple occurences of a form variable name (eg, for a
multiple-selection list), WebParamData and WebParamBuf now return a
tab-delimited list of all the values for that variable, and WebParamSize
returns the size of the list that would be returned.  Previously, they
would only return the first occurrence of the variable.


New function:

  WebParamFile(s:param-name, s:output-filename)

    Like WebParamData, but output goes to the specified file and is not
    truncated at 4096 characters.  If the file exists, it will be overwritten.

    This function is intended to be used for "input type=file" form values.

    Returns @TRUE or @FALSE.

Now supports "multipart/form-data" encoding type.

Fixed problem in Standard CGI mode when the input data was coming from an
anonymous pipe, and the web server hadn't finished writing the data to the
pipe before calling WebBatch.

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