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CGI Forms to Change NT User Passwords



I have a need to allow users to change their passwords. I'm looking into the Admin Module for PERL provide by David Roth. I'd like to know if Window Ware provide a clean solution for this and if so are there other Administration pieces you offer.


Security concerns aside, it seems like you could set up a web page where the user enters in the new password.

The data entered could be handed to a WEBBatch script to process. The WebBatch script could load the Win32 Network Extender and use the:

	wntChgPswd(server/domain, user-name, old-password, new-password)
function to change the password.

You would have to give the dummy user that IIS uses for the web server the security priviledge to change passwords. Then you would have to add security to the website to verify that it was the actual user actually setting the info. Perhaps just a password on the form would do.

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