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ISPs and WebBatch


Does anyone know of any ISP's who permit the use of WebBatch?


Not off hand.

One solution to this has been to use a broadband account, run your own server and use WinIp and a free account for a Domain name from ODS.ORG. WinIp just resolves the dynamic ip for you and updates the entry in the ODS DNS table.

Note: WinIp and the ODS.ORG domain both free. They save you from having to shell out the extra bucks for a static IP. Plus you get can use a domain name of the form xxxx.ODS.ORG for free, which is easier to remember.

There is also a trick to running a web server at home.... You get a normal ISP based web server, and it hosts all the HTML and files and images and stuff. And you just route the cgi stuff to your home server. This minimizes the traffic to the home server, and keeps the user speeds up. Of course you have to have the right kind of home account to do this, almost always needing a static IP address for a few extra bucks.

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