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Scrolling LED and WebBatch

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I would like to add a Scrolling LED to a HTML page that a webbatch script produces. The contents of the Led text will change according the contents of an ASCII text file. Does anyone have some code or ideas on how to use Winbatch/Webbatch to create something like this?

Answer #1:

The scrolling led applet is widespread. If you display a page that has it and select ViewSource, You should be able to copy the program.

Then output the program with the rest of the page, modifying the string as you go.


Answer #2:

Try weber files inside the LED applet:

My favorite way to insert the results of a WebBatch script is through weber files. It's a sort server-side include mechanism for WebBatch. Lets you keep your dynamically-created web pages in plain HTML, with results of a WebBatch routine inserted wherever you have one named in { curly braces }....

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