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Netscape is attempting to download Webbatch

Keywords:  Netscape is attempting to download Webbatch


I am using a Webbatch script, to handle a login to our website. I have an HTML page that prompts a user for a user name and password, then they can click on submit. On IE when the user clicks on Submit it loads the appropriate html file....on Netscape, when the user clicks on submit, the 'File Save As' dialog appears with the filename webbatch.exe. Here is my form line in my html code....
<Form Method = "POST"  onSubmit Action = "../webcgi/webbatch.exe?MembersofVMI/Customerselect.Web">
The web file exists in a webcgi subdirectory. The web file simply has a bunch of WebOut statements that rebuild a webpage for display to the browser.

Any ideas???


In this case download the fiel and look at it in an editor. It will be an error message. Make sure the first line of the webout code is...
 WebOut('Content-type: text/html',2)    ; Output Content Type

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