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Perflib Performance Data Problem

Keywords: 	  Perflib Performance Data Problem


Everytime a Webbatch script is executed I get an error in the server application log that reads:

Access to perform data was denied to IUSR_XXX as attempted from c:\webbatch\webbatch.exe

I run Win2k-Server. The source of the error is named "Perflib".

Is there something misconfigured?

The IUSR account is member of the group users and the permisson on the perflib data for the group users is set to read & execute -- as on a 2nd machine I run and where Webbatch does not produce this error...


I just had to address this same issue on my Win 2000 Server. To correct the problem:
  1. Start regedt32
  2. Select the key SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib
  3. From the menu select 'Security/Permissions'
  4. Add the Internet Guest Account granting only 'read' permission

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