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WebBatch Web Host

I found a Web Host on which WebBatch works without any modifications other than copying an ini file. You do not have to "install" WebBatch...Just copy the necessary files into the cgi-bin directory along with the above mentioned ini file and voila...It works. Fortunately they seem to do a very nice job of hosting at very reasonable rates.

Just thought I would mention this discovery as the question has arisen before. Obviously I can't make any guarantees about the company but I am using them now and, so far, have been well pleased.


User Reply:

That's interesting. Do they have an info page on the webbatch hosting? I poked around and mostly they say ASP for Windows, I didn't see WebBatch.


They don't officially host webbatch. I talked to them before I signed up to see if they were willing to install it for me and they told me I would need to sign up for an account first (they have a very liberal cancellation policy) and open a support ticket and they would take a look at what was required. I signed up and since I knew there was the option of being able to avoid the installation process I just decided to give it a try before opening a ticket and it worked.
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