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WebParamData fails with DIV Tag in TEXTAREA

Keywords:    HTML 3.2  DIV


I can't seem to pick up the value of TEXTAREA fields with WebParamData or WebConData. Ordinary INPUT fields are recognised OK. Am using IE 4.0 browser with Netscape Enterprise server 2.0.

Any ideas?


Change the ACTION= line on your submit button to to the dumpinputdata trick...
and examine the results. Is the stuff even there? How much data are you trying to accept?


Did that and it appears that the CGI variables aren't being set properly. This appears to be because the form page is nested between div and /div tags. I need the div for a specific reason. However, taking the form fields outside these tags caused the CGI values to be set to what was entered by the user rather thamn the default values.

However, empty fields took on the content of previous fields! To get round the problem, I totally re-designed the form and solved the latter problem by always supplying some kind of default value.

The DIV element, as described in the HTML 3.2 specification, should be used with Style Sheet attributes, to name a section of text as being of a certain style. Thus CSS attributes may be applied to a block of text enclosed by DIV /DIV tags.

There appears to be a strange interaction with forms.

I've abandoned using DIV with forms for the time being.

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