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Webbatch and REXX

Keywords:   REXX


I have to port a series of OS/2 HTML pages and REXX scripts over to NT. The HTML pages seem to run 'as is' under NT, but the REXX scripts present a new problem.

Have you guys heard of REXX ? .. sorry if that's an insult . Can WebBatch possibly replace what REXX did for OS/2.

I don't know much about REXX myself so any clarification, ideas, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


WebBatch can pretty much replace REXX in most circumstances.

It kind of depends on exactly what the scripts do and such. It may require a slightly different implementation of the logic.

I would hazard a conversion time guess of maybe 5 minutes per line of REXX code ASSUMING you understand exactly what the REXX script is doing.

I think its time for me to go out and buy some stock in Starbucks...

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