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Timeout Error and WebSetTimeout Function

Keywords: 	  WebSetTimeout


I have a long script that produced this error.
	WebBatch Error
	WebBatch Error: Script timed out
You can adjust the timeout value with the "WebSetTimeout" function

I am unable to locate WebSetTimeout in the help file. How can I increase this time function.

Also, is there a way to return data to the browser as it is generated rather than at the end?

Please let me know. I am currently evaluating WebBatch, and plan to purchase it if all goes well with my testing.


Hmmm. So it is. Its not there.
	WebSetTimeout(300) ; sets it for 300 seconds
Default is 60 I think. Maybe 90.

Basically it has not been noticed as missing as it generally is not needed. What ever the timeout is, its a long time, and most normal users would think the website has crashed by then.

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