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How does WebBatch Handle a Get Method?

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I have no problems working with WebBatch and the POST "Method". However I am still a bit confused as to how WebBatch should handle a 'GET METHOD'.

The reason why I ask is that there are several queries that I would like my users to bookmark if they have a need to. Going through a form every day and selecting multiple fields (the same fields everytime) is a bit time consuming.

I have also worked with your parameters (ie webbatch.exe/temp.web+1+2+3) However I have quite a few variables that need to be handled. Does webbatch handle something like the following in the URL:

And then perhaps parse it with WebParamNames() WebCMDData() or a combination of the 2?

Like I had mentioned. This works fine if I issue a 'POST METHOD' but there is no way to book mark the result page. That is why I'd like to issue the 'GET METHOD' and utilize Webbatch if at all possible.


Basically put it on the command line and parse it out with WebCmdData. If you make all the variables position dependent, then you won't need the variable names...making it much easier.
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