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Opening PDF or other file inside browser

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I have built a selection box from a directory listing. But since the files to be viewed are PDF files, I am not sure how to open the files. What I get is a binary view of a PDF file. I believe that is because I am using the standard set of webout's used to create a html page. namely a command like this "WebOut('Content-type: text/html',2)". I think this is making the browser to think the file is a text file. If I leave the common webout commands out and just do a weboutfile command, the browser says the CGI application misbehaved by not returing a complete set of HTTP headers. Any ideas?


Yes, the WebOut is the problem. If you are sending a PDF file the webout should read something like...

WebOut('Content-type: application/pdf',2)

The "Content Type" line is required for the Web Server and WebBrowser to properly identify what is being sent.

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