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Passing Variables through a Link

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I am trying to pass a varible through a link in the followig line.
WebOut('<BR><BR><Div Align="Center"><a href="">Play Again?</a></Div>',1)
The varible I want to pass is 'JohnTurn'. But Webbatch is already passing 'tests/ttt.web' Is there anyway I can still pass my variable?


= signs are reserved characters on command line. you can't use it there. I believe it's...
or (if you need the "turn" string maybe use something else...
and then look for a $ instead of an = .


I was only using the turn= because I didn't know how to retrieve the command line info.

The /webcgi/webbatch.exe?tests/ttt.web+%JohnTurn%

Worked.. it passed the info. And I figured out to use WebCmdData to retrieve it.

The program works great now. Thanks for your help.

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