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Run Scripts on Client

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One of the things I need to start working on is a inventory type system that need to be started from a webbatch portal. In addition I need to also create a system provisioning/update web page.

So my question is since most of my web batch apps are being run on the server, using the IUSR user on the server, how do I run something on the remote client?

Example: Say a user wants to see if he needs an interoffice update. He connects to the webbatch page & click on "Check me!". The webbatch script on the server then inventories the remote client, pull remote serial, etc, & then sends down files where then need to go on that remote client.

Is that possible or is that where web batch needs to hand off to a winbatch script to run locally on the remote client?


Reading remote files require remote confirmation my the end user.

This entire area gets into what the Browser considers *severe risk*, and the Browser will pop up security warnings everytime you blink.

It also depends on how much control you have over the machines. If you can install some scripts on the remore machine or at least get them to allow you to install some scripts, then life gets easier, but then they are handing over control of their machine to you.

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