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Webbatch and UNC Paths



Hi, should it be possible with WebbBatch to use the fileexist, fileitemize and fileopen commands on UNC paths?

I created a virtual Server on IIS disabled anonymous accounts and logged on to the webserver as administrator. Anyway the script was not able to use fileexist, fileitemize or fileiopen...

It works perfectly well with Winbatch but doesn't with WebBatch. Or am I doing something wrong?


The problem is that WebBatch is running as a service under your Web Browser - and the default account the Web Browser runs under does not have network access permission, so neither does WebBatch.

The general solution is to modify the user that the WebBrowser runs as to enhance its privledges.

It's not so much as how *you* log in, but how the webserver itself is running.

Question (cont'd):

Would it be a correct way to verify the web servers right in switching "allow dir listing" to on and have a look, what the browser can do with the files shown?

I did this and the directory contents were visible to the browser and the files could be opened by the browser.


Yes. That sounds like a good test.

Apparently WebBatch is not getting passed the same rights.

In the NT extender there is a wntRunAsUser function that can enhance the rights of the script, but it requires a userid and password.

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