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Webber Files versus BinaryTag Method

Keywords: 	  weber webber BinaryTag	  iHTML Dialog Extender


I know that webbatch, using the binary tags and {markers}, can dynamically create a page and replace the markers info. But, can they also be used to duplicate the functions of webber files.

For example: on your webbatch home page the side bar changes color on every invocation of the page. Can webbatch alone do that? Or, is that something that webber files was designed for?

I would imagine that webbatch can't do that because a link would have to be clicked on to run a webbatch file, or, can a webbatch file be run upon invoking a webpage?


Basically the BinaryTag stuff (from the iHTML Dialog Extender) builds in to the WIL DLL some of the time-consuming processing that the "weber" scripts do.

Nobody has gotten around to rewriting the weber files yet to use the BinaryTag stuff, but if it occurs they ought to run a little more efficiently.

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