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Configuring Webbatch on Windows 2000 with IIS

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Any tips on configuring Webbatch to run on Windows 2000?


  1. Install Webbatch.

  2. If you don't already have IIS installed (it's not installed by default on Windows 2000 Professional), then go into Add/Remove programs in Control Panel, and Add IIS (don't use Autorun). It'll prompt you to put in the appropriate CD and install IIS for you along with Personal Web Manager.

  3. Then go into Personal Web Manager, under Control Panel, Administrative Tools, and Add a new entry that has /webcgi/ as the virtual directory, pointing to the directory where you have Webbatch installed, for example "C:\Program Files\Webbatch".

    Make sure you select the radiobuttons for Read, and for Execute.

  4. Now start up your browser, and point it to:
    "http://TESTY" is the name of your web server. Your browser should now display a web page prompting you to input your Webbatch ID and Num. Enter those, hit OK, and if it worked you'll get a response, "Thank you for using Webbatch."

  5. IMPORTANT: If you're getting errors that you can't write to the registry, note that the IIS User (IWAM_machinename and IUSER) needs permission to write to the registry. The logged in account has nothing to do with it.

    One can allow the IIS user to write to the registry by adding them to the Administrator's Group, license the product, reboot, then remove the write permissions.

  6. One user reported having problems getting Webbatch registered (unable to write to the Windows registry) and related the following, "The real problem was stopping and starting the webserver after I added the anonymous account to the admin group."

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