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Getting WebBatch running on a Win2000 IIS installation

Keywords: 	  Getting WebBatch running on a Win2000 IIS installation


I have installed WebBatch, and copied the files from c:\Program Files to c:\server\webcgi, give rights, set up a virtual directory, put an index.htm (that I can see from a client), etc. The webbatch.exe is in the same directory as the index.htm, but when I try to execute webbatch via the address: I get a pop up window The page cannot be found... the page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable...

I renamed the index.htm, and browsed to and I can see a listing of all the file in there, but when I click on webbatch.exe, I get the same thing again!.

I am running IIS v5.00.2195.2649.


  1. Wrong kind of virtual directory.

    And especailly you should NOT be able to see the index.htm from a client.

  2. Execute permissions should be set for "Scripts and Executables". For security the read, write, and directory browsing should all be disabled.

  3. Check server error logs. What do they say.

  4. Find and check the webbatch.log file on your hard drive. Search hard drive to find it.

  5. After doing the below, maybe try rebooting the machine. Or at least stopping and re-starting the web service.

    Getting WebBatch running on a Win2000 IIS installation.

    • Install Win2000 Server. Make sure IIS gets installed also.
    • Get IIS running. Default installation requires placement of a "default.htm" file in the webroot directory.
    • Test IIS. Make sure it is running.
    • Using Windows Explorer create a WEBCGI directory someplace. For security reasons, do not place this directory under the \InetPub\WWWROOT directory. I place mine under the \INETPUB directory so it is \INETPUB\WEBCGI
    • Install WebBatch into the \INETPUB\WEBCGI directory or wherever you placed the WEBCGI directory.
    • Run the "Internet Services Manager" via
      START->Programs->Administrative Tools->Internet Services Manager
    • Using the left hand pane of the Internet Service Manager open the desired website.
    • In the left hand pane, Right-Click on the website name. possibly "Default Web Site"
    • Select "New", then "Virtual Directory". The Virtual Directory Creation Wizard should pop up.
    • Click "Next", then enter "webcgi" for the Alias name. Click "Next" again.
    • In the wizard Browse to the WEBCGI directory where you installed Webbatch.
    • In the Access Permissions pane, Select "Read" and "Execute". Deselect "Run Scripts" and "Browse". Generally you will wish to also select "WRITE". Selecting "WRITE" will prompt a warning that it may be a dangerous thing to do. Some of our examples need WRITE selected to run properly.
    • Click NEXT, respond to nay prompts, then click FINISH to complete the virtual directory definition.


Just for the record, so others with this problem can solve it, here is the solution:

I had, at some point, run the Microsoft Lockdown Tool, which locked down the IIS. The solution was to go to c:\winnt\system32\inetsrv\urlscan, and edit urlscan.ini. First make a backup copy of urlscan.ini. Then Go to the [DenyExtensions ]section, and put a ";" (semi-colon) at the start of the line that reads "exe".

Then reboot (you may be able to stop/start the web site, or stop/start the "World Wide Web Publ..." process, but if you can reboot, that is the best.

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