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How Do I Confirm or Force License Registration?

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On NT4.0 SP4, IIS4.0, I am having a problem registering WebBatch. I actually think it's a problem with my installation. I can get the reg screen to come up with this
and I am able to type in the codes, but, when I hit submit it says:
HTTP error 405
Please ensure you have the proper MIME type setup for the resource you are requesting.
I've created the webcgi dir and assigned it to the webbatch.exe path

I guess I'm not 100% clear on how to set it up in IIS4.0. Can you clear me up?


In the IIS virtual directory setup dialogs checks the permission settings for script access and read.

Also check the NTFS security settings on the directory to make sure the IIS_USER has access to the directory.

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I have a problem--we recently purchased WebBatch, but our temporary license has not expired yet.

I reinstalled WebBatch, but I didn't get the registration dialog. Is there a way to force the registration dialog without uninstalling WebBatch?

all by itself should do it.


I got the registration screen to come by executing WebBatch.exe in the CGI directory, but then I had a problem with the 405 error. My cgi directory for this particular site was set up like this:
but the registration dialog was looking for
So I created a directory in the root of my web server that matched the TCP/IP address the script was looking for and copied the WebBatch.exe and six dlls to the new directory and tried again and it worked.

Then I deleted the directory and everything seems to be working correctly.

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