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Location of *.WEB Files

Keywords:   Location of *.WEB Files


I've actually had good luck with webbatch and planning to purchase a copy. I've written a webbatch that checks to see if specific NT services are still running or if they are "dead". and I've also written a webbatch that checks to see if a username is a member of a particular localgroup and a particlular nt server, if so routes to a dynamic html page. got other plans as well.

Here's my question. both of these webbatch scripts I've placed in their own subdirectory under webbatch.exe (just like the examples). what I'd like to do is have my .web scripts live in a directory somewhere else on the hard drive -- haven't figured that one out. here's my thinking:

webbatch.exe is at:

   \Program Files\WebBatch\webbatch.exe
my scripts are currently in dirs:
   \Program Files\WebBatch\script1\script1.web
   \Program Files\WebBatch\script2\script2.web
I would like my scripts in:
for purposes here were talking about the same logical drive letter on the server.

If this doable? can you give me an example of the FORM's ACTION statement?


To assist with various security issues, we have designed WebBatch so that the web files MUST be in or under the WebBatch directory.

The theory is that CGI scripts can be a very very serious security breach. By forcing all the scripts to be in one place, then you can keep track of them and keep them under control.

Otherwise if a script somehow shows up on the system in a completely unexpected place and it can be executed with the proper ACTION statement...there is no telling what it might do.

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