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Webbatch Needs to be Installed Directly on a Web Server

Keywords: 	  web server installation


I am new to WebBatch. I can't seem to be able to work it, even looking at the samples, Can anyone tell me how to get it to work?

I am not sure of what web server or anything else the computer is on... my father set it up. can you tell me how to figure it out?


With WebBatch you *need* your very own webserver machine. In front of you. On your desk.

You (generally) cannot use a webserver at an ISP or (always) any free webpage hosting service.

In general you would also need a direct connect ot the Internet - but this is not 100% required.

If you want to get brave and try it you have lot to learn, but it is all possible. First of all you have to get a web server running on *your* machine.

You can get free 30 day evaluation copies of a lot of web servers. You could start with the one at, the O'Rielly Website server. There are others to choose from. If you are just learning, you could (ahem) rotate thru a bunch of them.

Once you get a webserver installed on your own computer, then we can configure it to use WebBatch. Basically ythe webserver sees a page hit that needs webbatch support, then the web server calls webbatch with a flock of parameters. WebBatch would generate a html page to send back to the user.

It's kind of complicated, but you could be a master of it by the end of summer.

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