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Performance Counters Disabled



The problem is mostly likely a cause of the inabilty of Winbatch to access 'performance monitoring' on this *particular* machine.

If its only happening on one machine you might look into whether or not performance monitoring utilities could potentially get involved. Some of them seem to have bugs that clobber WinExeName, AppExist and AppWaitClose and tListProc.

Check if you run the performance monitor 'perfmon.exe' on this machine? Right-click and choose 'Add Counters', In the 'Perfromance Object' dropdown list choose 'Process'. Do you see a list of process in the the 'Instance' list? If not that indicates Performance counters are probably disabled on this machine.

You could try installing and running the 'exctrlst' utility. This tool provides information about the performance counter DLLs that have been installed on a computer running Microsoft Windows. The tool lists the services and applications that provide performance information by using the Windows registry. When monitored using the Performance console provided in Windows, the data provided by these performance counters can be useful for optimizing and troubleshooting.

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