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Can't Find an Answer to a Question on our Technical Database?

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If you can't find a solution to a question you have regarding usage of our WindowWare products in this technical database, why don't you scoot on over to our WinBatch Technical Support Forum located at:
        WinBatch Technical Support Forum
and post your question there, where other users and our monitors can ruminate on your problems.

If you need to post some code illustrating your problem, we ask that you restrict your postings to 5-10 lines of your script --- the lines that aren't performing as you'd expect, or which are causing an error message.

We highly DISCOURAGE huge postings (like 500-line scripts), because it takes a LONG time to weed through the code and figure out what is happening. So if you want the quickest and most efficient response, narrow it down to the offending code.

If you are fighting a particular error message, the number and full text of the message is very helpful. Often times we also like to know what version of Windows you are running, and what version of the WindowWare product you are dealing with.

Here's an example of a good posting:

	Running WinBatch 2013B on Windows 7.  My script is:


	I'm getting a "3052: Uninitialized variable or undefined function".
        What's going on?  The variables a and b seem to be defined properly.

In any case, please feel free to check out our WinBatch Tech Support Forum, where there's a lot of daily activity, and plenty of good information from other users and our resident WindowWare software experts.

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