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WinBatch Control Manager Extender
Fixes and Improvements

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Ver 44041 Feb 06, 2018 Modified cWinidConvert function to no longer error when the window associated with the supplied handle or id does not exist.
Ver 44040 Feb 03, 2016 Modified CWndInfo option 0, CFindByName, CwndByName, cWndGetWndSpecName, and cWndByWndSpecName to prevent the rare occurance of the functions being unable to determine the correct window text because the control or frame window is a custom window. Added cSetWndSpecRetry function to control the cWndByWndSpec and cWndByWndSpecName functions. CSetWndSpecRetry changes the number times the cWndByWndSpec and cWndByWndSpecName functions attempt to repeat the search for the window with the passed in specification. Modified most extender functions that incorporate repeated attempts to obtain the requested information to detect user requests for script termination via the control+break key combination. Also reduced the number retries these function attempt. This change reduces delays caused when the function's targeted window does not exist.
Ver 44039 June 29, 2011 Added native 64-bit version of the extender for use with 64-bit WinBatch and WinBatch+Compiler.
Ver 44038 Feb 14, 2010 cWndByWndSpec and cWndGetWndSpec no longer cause a an access violation when machine performance counters are corrupt.
Ver 44037 Feb 11, 2008 cClicktoolbar no longer send button clicks to button separators. Function does not error but does return false to indicate that no message was sent. Added new function 'cGetCbSelText' which retrieves the selected text from a ComboBox control.
Ver 20035 Jan 20, 2005 Added cGetWndByWndSpecName and cWndByWndSpecName functions. Updated RoboScripter to use new functions. Updated RoboScripter for smarter cClickToolBar code.
Ver 20034 June 1, 2004 ?
Ver 20033 Mar 11, 2004 Version release more compatible with the 2004B version of WinBatch, avoiding the 487 Load errors encountered on some computers.
20032 Feb 2004 Temp patched version for 2004B Beta
Ver 20031 Mar 17, 2003 Enlarged buffer used to hold return value from the cGetSBText function.
Ver 20030 Jan 15, 2003 Added cGetTVItem function
Ver 20029 Jan 09, 2003 Added cSetFocus function Removed 10000 item restriction from cSetCBItem
Ver 20028 Sep 13, 2002 Fixed bug in cClickToolBar where left double-click was not working properly. Added new cClickToolBar option to RoboScripter.
Ver 20027 Sep 10, 2002 Added new cClickToolBar options for other kinds of ToolBar clicks.
Ver 20026 Sep 6, 2001 Added Error checking to cWndByWndSpec to detect and error out on an NT 4.0 performance counter bug. (MS fixed this in Win2000
Ver 20025 Mar 27, 2001 Added cGetControlImageCRC Updated RoboScripter to use above control
Ver 20024 Feb 23, 2001 Added the RoboScripter utilty. Added cWndGetWndSpec cWndByWndSpec
Ver 20023 Dec 13, 2000 ROBOSCRIPTER Utility now included in the Control Manager extender. The Control Manager extender has been updated to a new format to allow more descriptive function names and additional parameters. This version of the extender requires WinBatch 2001A or newer to run. This extender will not work on WinBatch 2000C or older. In addition, so as not to affect existing scripts using a previous version of this extender, the extender DLL has been renamed to include a 34I in the DLL name instead of a 32I. Old and new versions of this extender can *usually* co-exist side by side. To use the new extender with old scripts and with WinBatch 2001A or newer you will need to change the AddExtender line in the script to reflect the new DLL name. e.g. AddExtender("wwctl32i.dll") should become AddExtender("wwctl34i.dll")
Version 20022 Nov 2, 2000 Added new functions cGetLvFocText - returns text associated with a ListView item that has the focus. cGetLvDdtText - returns text associated with a ListView item that is the drag and drop target.
Version 20020 Sept 13, 2000 All &'s are ignored both when Window titles are specified in a function and when actual window titles are checked. This should not break any existing code, but make future code a little bit easier to write. My recommendation? If the Window title has an &, use it in your function.
Version 20019 July 25, 2000 Fixed one crashing bug with previous version of cSetWndtext.
Version 20018 July 14, 2000 Added cSetWndText function
Version 20017 Feb 15, 2000 Added cWinState function cFindByClass cFindByName cWinIDConvert
Version 20016 Aug 16, 1999 Added cGetLBCount and cGetCBCount functions.
Version 20014 July 14, 1999 Changed cgetlbtext and cgetcbtext to dynamically allocate memory based on the amount of text being retrieved
Version 20012 Enlarged cGetEditText capabilities to be able to grab more data. Changed text size limitation to 64k for Rich Edit controls. May support more than 64k for regular edit controls.
Version 20011 Fixed bugs in changes for 20010
Version 20010 Added code to recheck windows if window handle access failed. Added function to check for windows without rechecking.
Version 20009 March 1, 1999 Added cGetLVColText function
Version 20008 Debug version
Version 20007 Dec 16, 1998 Added support for multiple-select list boxes and enhanced support for standard listboxes.
Version 20006 Dec 1, 1998 Added support for a number of new controls, including the window status bar and application mouse cursor.
No version change Aug 5 1998 Updated window analysis script to display 5 levels of windows instead of 3, allowing a deeper survey of the windows of interest.
Version 20005 Nov 7 1997 Expanded maximum data that can be captured from a control from 256 bytes to 4192 bytes. Added the cPostButton function.
Version 20004 May 12 1997 Re-Fixed Combo Box notification of parent so that changes to Combo boxes get passed to the parent application.
Version 20003 May 04 1997 Fixed problem with the List and Combo box setting functions so that parent applications that want notification of changes do indeed get notified.
Version 20002 April 22 1997 Added cPostMessage to allow clicking of buttons on application modal dialog boxes without haning up WinBatch
Version 20001 April 14 1997 Initial Release

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