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271 System Error Unable to Determine Module Names


My script gives me this error, from a debugtrace file;
window1 = cWndByWndSpec("#32770","msisetup",2,2,65535)
(25390) VALUE=> 0
EXTENDER ERROR SUPPRESSED =>271 (271: System error. Unable to determine module names.)
Do you have a clue what could be the problem?


You may either have corrupted system performance data registry entries or just lack sufficient privilege to read the entries.

Maybe you have a security setting that prevents Winbatch from reading process information.

Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy 
From there, navigate through "Security Settings -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assigment".

Profile a single process: Allows a user to run Windows XP Professional performance-monitoring tools to monitor the performance of nonsystem processes.

Default setting: Administrators and Power Users on member servers and workstations. On domain controllers, it is assigned only to Administrators

Profile system performance: Allows a user to run performance-monitoring tools to monitor the performance of system processes.

Default setting: Administrators

On WinXP Pro SP1 & SP2, the settings for these rights are set identically, with "Profile single process" being granted to "Administrators" and "Power Users". Perhaps this right has been revoked. cWndByWndSpec depends on performance monitoring, the lack of this right should cause cWndByWndSpec() to not function properly.

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File Created: 2017:07:28:13:58:24
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