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Clicking on SUBMIT button using MS Internet Explorer

Keywords:      submit button     MS IE


I am using control manager to obtain window handles to edit fields and push buttons displayed in an HTML form. One of the push buttons is a SUBMIT button.

When using control manager, it works 100% of the time with Netscape. However, with Internet Explorer, the SUBMIT button never works UNTIL I manually click the button once. Then the control manager script works 100% of the time.

I also have a RESET button which always works, even when the SUBMIT button doesn't.

I remember reading elsewhere regarding Microsoft's dynamic building of menu options. Something similar? Suggestions?


Not sure. There is a MouseClickBtn function that might be helpful.

My guess is that there is some kind of window activation problem - window is not activated properly by default. But a mouse click on the window runs it thru the activation procedure.

Try clicking the mouse on the html window - but NOT on the submit button and see if that fixes it. If so a MouseMove and MouseClick combo might do the trick.

Maybe all you need is some kind of WinActivChild call (note no E in Activ)

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