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Conditional Window ID Checking with Control Manager

Keywords: 	 Conditional Window ID Checking  cWndExist


Any way of conditionally checking for ID or sequence number in a window?

Standard way - must know correct window:

statHwnd=cWndbyId(pHwnd,65535);assuming id is 65535
txt=cWndInfo( statHwnd, 0) ;returns title of control
I want: check if window contain certain ID or sequence number;
if cWndbyId?(pHwnd,65535) ; check if window has id 65535
statHwnd=cWndbyId(pHwnd,65535) ; got the bum
txt=cWndInfo( statHwnd, 0) ;returns title of control
;try next "AutoSave" window that comes along
;this app creates several windows all with same title!


I think the current version of the extender have a cWndExist function to check for windows.
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